Sunday, 17 May 2015

Who's got a quilt guild? I do!!


Are you having a fabulous day?? I am!! 

And why is my day fabulous? Well because i spent it with the girls from the Brisbane Modern Quilt Guild!

Have I mentioned the fantabulous BrisMQG? No? I haven't? (I know I haven't...) Well, you are looking at a founding member and the current President of the Brisbane Modern Quilt Guild.  The newsest and coolest of all the MQG's.

As dear friends I will allow you to address me as Ms President.

It initially started with only half a dozen of us, but we're growing every month. We actually ran out of places to put sewing machines at one of our meetings!  We've now been going for almost a year and while it has been challenging, it has been amazing.

If you want to check it out - say for example, if you live somewhere in South East Queensland and want to do some quilting - you should go to the Facebook page and join in with us!! We are fabulous fun :-) Even if I do say so myself!

But this fabulous fun has come at a cost.  I have been neglecting my blog.  I love this little corner of the internet that I call home and I have missed being here.  I have also been very neglectful in reading all my favourite blogs... I just ran out of time.  And then I felt like I needed to read all the posts I missed and I just couldn't catch up :-/

But don't worry.  It's not just you who have been neglected.  It's also my husband and my puppy who are missing out on Erin time.

Don't go quilting Mum - stay home and love me!!!

But I am determined to make more of an effort.  What that means though, is that I am going to do something I promised myself I would not do... I am going to use my phone photos for the blog.  I promised myself that I would always have fabulous high res photos here, but I just don't have the time to load them from my camera to the computer! I know that is the lamest excuse in the history of the world, but hopefully, if I give myself this little leaway now, I can keep up my blog, and maybe one day, when I'm no longer on every committee known to mankind I can resume the pretty photos.

Thanks for being so understanding.

E xx

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Swoon on Display

So you all saw me making my Swoon (which, yes, took me forever), but what you might not know (because I haven't told you) is that the Swoon is finished!

I started this project at the very beginning of 2013 and what was supposed to be a fairly simple, fairly quick simple patchwork quilt, ended up taking me forever - I mean literally years.  To be fair to myself, I had some random health issues in there, but mostly it was just a combination of busy and lazy. I don't call myself the Lazy Quilter for nothing, you hear me!

Welł, once the top was done, I handed it over to one of the amazing ladies in my guild, Jane Davidson, and she popped it on her long arm and went to town. It has this beautiful all over swirly thing going on, which I just love.

It then came home to me, where it sat for several months while I thought about binding and then waiting for my fabric choice to arrive. And then I had a deadline! You see our Guild was doing a display for the Stitches and Craft Fair and I needed something to show for myself, so I frantically finished the binding - and look! A finished quilt! 

I'm just a little proud of myself.

Here she is at the Fair.

(PS so prouxd of it there with its big sign!)

And seeing as how I had already done a hanging sleeve, I submitted it as an entry for the Modern Quilt display at the Australasian Quilt Convention. And guess what? It got picked! So I packed it off to Melbourne to be shown off and flew down just to stare at it in person.

I was so ridiculously proud I literally jumped up and down when I saw it hanging there. Here I am, with my quilt at AQC.

And now that my quilt is home again, it is time for it to go on my bed... Except that I may have entered it in Australia's Modern Quilt Show, hosted by the Woolongong Modern Quilt Guild, so it actually has to head down there this week ... And then I'm waiting to hear back if it's been accepted to the Brisbane Exhibition... Maybe it can go on our bed next year :-)

E xx