Thursday, 27 March 2014

Penny Patch - Part 2

So I started my Penny Patch and was all gung-ho and inspired. I ordered fabric, I chopped and I stitched, but as I started putting it on my wall (yeah, I made a design wall just for this project, it's very flimsy though) I realised it was too busy. I had so much orange, so much blue, I loved those colours, but it just needed to be toned down a little. I needed to up the low volume component.

Yowser! It hurts my eyes, just to look at all that colour!!  Not really, It's kind of fantabulous, but definitely doesn't have that soft vintage vibe I was aiming for...

But I was shocked when I went to my stash and discovered that I actually have very little genuine low volume. I have lots of prints on white, mostly black or bright colour, but they were not going to work on this. I needed super low volume. White on white type low volume. This is genuinely a surprise because I am a HUGE fan of Vow Volume (so much so I just signed up for the third round of the Low Volume Swap). But a layer cake will not solve my Penny Patch crisis.  So I shopped.

Come on, you knew it was coming!!

I grabbed a bunch of grey and brown and white and cream on white.

How yummy is that!!!  I almost want to keep it just the way it is and never touch it.

I also got some blue  on white and cream. And a tiny piece of orange on white. I don't know how much of these I'll use, but I'm glad I grabbed them. They all have a nice softness to them, which for me is definitley the appeal of low volume. Hopefully they will add that softness to the colour that I'm aiming for.
So time for more cutting and piecing and hopefully I can have this sewn together in the next... I want to say week, but I work 5 days a week, and then I have plans next weekend, and I'm working on my Harry Potter quilt, and I have to  actually spend time with my husband at some point... so it might be three or four weeks before I get a chance to get to it...

And this is why it's hard to show you guys projects properly!! Anyone feel like paying me to stay home and sew??? Not to give you the makes, of course, I want these for myself, just pay me to potter around my house :-) No takers?? What a surprise! Lol.

So I'll be back with this as soon as I make some kind of progress! :-)

E xx

P.S. Can you see I got the fancy thingamajig for the camera!! So ecited to have real photos again.  I'm like a kid in a candy store looking at my photo cards :-D E xx

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

making for me #3

Well, it has been very quite here for the last month, and I've already justified that with my camera issues.  I do apologise.

I have been sewing though!

I have been working on my Harry Potter quilt. Which is coming along nicely, thank you very much. And lots of support from the interwebs, so genuinely, thank you.

I'd never tried paper piecing, and I'm pleasantly surprised by how much I am enjoying it.

I have made myself a super cute little pouch.

In my pouch I am storing my current hexie project.

What's that? a hexie project?? Yes, I have started something new! I decided that my WIP pile is not big enough yet, so I thought I should throw something else on there :-)

I was feeling inspired by all the fabulous scrappy radiant orchid going on across blogland, that I grabbed my purple scrap jar (and some off my shelf, but shh, we're pretending that I'm being fabric smart) and my papers and started making hexies. Here's a sneak, but I'll do a proper post later (so I have something to link up too :-P).

Everything else I've made has been for soemone else, but the balance is definitely in my favour at the moment.  I have to say, I'm pretty happy with the state of things - ie, weighted in favour of more things for me!!!!

So what about you? What have you been working on lately? Anything you want to share?

E xx

Oh! I almost forgot! I have made a button!!! I'm pretty excited (can you tell?) I feel like i'm all learned, now :-0

The Lazy Quilter

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Harry Potter

I am a bit of a PotterHead. I know with my Sherlock obsession it's not the first thing you'd pick me for... Maybe it's the British accents...

Anyway!! In my travels around the internet around two years ago, I stumbled upon a Harry Potter quilt. I pinned it and then promptly forgot about it. It was paper pieced and way beyond my skill level. Honestly, when I found it, I did not have the first clue how I would have made it.

For some reason, a month or two ago I found a link back to Fandom In Stitches and the Harry Potter quilt. I looked. I thought. I pondered deeply. Yes, it is as cool as I remember it being. Yes, I am still a Harry Potter nerd. Yes, I now have a fabric stash (and know where to get more) to make this a vibrant lively quilt. Yes, I have some sewing skills and might be able to give paper peicing a try.

So I hit print. A lot. There are a lot of pieces of paper for paper peicing. Who'd a thunk?

And then the hard part. Picking my background fabric. I had chosen my shelf fabric long, long ago. Back when I first saw the pattern I had decided this was on the bucket list and had bought some Joel Dewberry wood grain.

But what could I coordinate with this? I wanted a linen look, but was warned off fabric that has any hint of directional print. Very glad someone gave that advice. Any kind of "print" was out, but I didn't want to do a solid. So for the last month I have been googling to try to find the right background. My local quilt shop was having a big sale, and I only go there rarely, because often their fabric is not my style, but I thought I'd take in my wood grain and see if I could find a match.

Huzzah! I found a lovely creamy smooshy fabric. And at 50% off I was very happy to have gone visiting that day! Of course, being me, I also grabbed a thousand other fabrics of varying descriptions, spent a gazillion dollars and left swearing never to bring my credit card with me when I go into that store. I was seriously tempted to buy a new machine... 

Well, I got home with my loot and started cutting straight away.

For the last 2 weeks every spare moment has been spent making my bookcase. I know I have other projects that I said I was going to complete, but I am hooked on this one right now. I have fabric spread everywhere as this is so scrappy.

As my first foray into paper piecing I'm actually really enjoying it. Some of my blocks are a bit bulky, but I'm giving myself leeway as a newbie.

I apologise for the photo quality. My camera is still playing up so I only have iPad photos to share, but I miss blogging and telling you about the things I'm making, so please forgive me. If I didn't share my Harry Potter goodness, I may have gone crazy :-).

Today is another day for sewing, so I have picked my block and my fabric and have a Harry Potter DVD ready to go (because you can't make a Harry quilt without watching Harry Potter as you make it, right!), and I will see you all when I come up for food :-)

E xx