Monday, 15 April 2013

Add to the stash

So you know how over Easter weekend we all relaxed and sewed and maybe spent some time checking out fabric online and perhaps purchasing a little.

Well the evidence arrived this week that I obviously had too much time on my hands. I shouldn't be left alone with my computer and my credit card...

Wanna see what I bought??? Of course you do!!!!!

This is the pile so far.  I'm pretty sure I still have more coming.  
One weekends fabric shopping

Is that too hard to see the awesome... Let's look closer :-)

I saw some awesome quilts and blocks made out of Comma, so I snuck onto the Fat Quarter Shop website and bought some for myself.  I really love the slate and black so I bought full yards of these fabrics, and then half yards of the pistachio/lime colour.  (I snuck in 1 of the oranges too).  I also bought the co-ordinating Bella solids - pistachio and iron.  And I somehow ended up with a charm pack too... I couldn't justify buying all the colours in half yards, so this way I can have all the colours, just only a little bit. 

While I was at the Fat Quarter Shop I also grabbed some mini charm packs of  Jubilee.  It's super sweet pale pinks and blues and purple.  I have a couple of these mini charms and they're super cute!! I haven't sewn them up into anything yet, but I can't resist their tiny cuteness! And the idea that I won't have to cut a bajillion 2.5" squares is pretty irresistible too.
Mini charms!! Oh so cute!
Do you remember that I signed up for the Skill Builder BOM? I asked for colour suggestions... Well I definitely got some feedback.  there was a lot of love for 2 in particular, but I hadn't gotten around to finding the right fabrics. 

And then I stumbled upon this bundle at Fluffy Sheep.  It's called Pina Colada and Mojitos.  Yum!! Super bright and fabulous.  I couldn't resist. And because Cindy is so fantabulous, she cut me a full yard bundle (so I can be sure to have enough).

 Then I went over to Fabric Shack and grabbed a couple more Kona colours as background.  I haven't decided if I want to have a dark or light background, so I bought both. The image on the right is all my colours together.  Looks pretty awesome.  But then I thought (always dangerous).  Maybe I need some more shades.  I mean I have three colours, but only in a light and a dark (or really medium and dark).  I need more contrast!! I need more texture!! I therefore need more colours :-)

So I went to Fabric Shack.  Now this website is both awesome and awful.  The awesome part is the tonnes of fabric. I mean literally tonnes. There is more fabric than I can imagine.  The awful part is that I think this site is a bit of a mess.  They have all the fabric in collections (so all the comma together) but those categories are not sorted in any way.  They're just lumped onto a page.  And the search function is not brilliant.  So you have to be willing to put time in to find what you want or know exactly what your fabric line is called.

Because I'd already ordered from Cindy, I knew what my base colours were and that they were Kona solids.  So once I found where they were hiding, I ordered some pale pinks and blues and purples and some super hot teals. They haven't arrived yet, so that pile up top, yeah it's going to get bigger.

What else did I buy??

Well I don't know if I've mentioned that I am part of a couple of stash clubs.

The first is Pink Castle Fabrics. I get a bundle of half yard cuts every month.  They are working their way around the colour wheel.  This month was green.  Not usually my favourite colour, but there are some gorgeous fabrics in here -

I'm also a member of the Fat Quarter Club at A Joyful Soul.  Every month I get a fat quarter of a different collection - usually one that's fairly new and exciting.  Because it's getting shipped to Aus, I have a sneaky arrangement to ship every other month and so I save on shipping. Hence why I got two packages -

One is Amy Butler. The other is PB&J, I think.  I'll have to check the invoice.

I'm pretty sure this next batch is from JAQ's fabric.  I got some cute Michael Miller spots, some stripey Amy Butler, a fabulous bird print and then the cutest little zoo animal text.  Maybe not as pretty as the birds, but I think it's adorable.  Imagine that on a kids quilt. I love it.  It is now my mission to make a quilt with hippos and turtles and rhinoceros's so that it matches the words :-)

That project might be a way off though.

I also grabbed these gorgeous cross hatch.  Pink, blue and orange.  Normally not an orange person, but i really dig this.  And I think the pink and blue will fit in my skill builder.  Will have to see if I want to add the texture or keep it solid.

What else, what else....

Oh! I got a fat quarter bundle of Dear Stella.  I think this is such a beautiful line. So elegant and grown up.  I actually bought an additional half yard of the sprinkles and the purple with flowers.

And last up, I had this random bundle arrive, and I don't even know where I bought it from.  I don't know why I picked these in particular.  I have nieces so I'm sure the pink flowers are for them. I love little blue butterflies on the green.  You can't go wrong with some flea market fancy posy.  And those little dandelion type flowers are to die for.  But my favourite...

These little birds.  How absolutely adorable are these!!

I know Rachel at Stitched in Color is planning a Scandinavian style quilt, and this could be the start of my version.  Pinks and blues and mustard yellows with cute little applique hearts and birds... Sounds like a winner to me! Not promising anything yet, but maybe.  I can't commit to any more projects until I finish some.

So as you can see, I spent up big over the holidays.  I have a full shopping basket sitting in a window at Sew Mama Sew, that I am waiting til pay day to push purchase on, and then I'll have to have a fabric diet.  It's just, when they're this cute, how do you resist!!!! I'm not telling what the total bill for this pile is.  Let's just say, I'm sure we don't need food this month.

I have a post written about one of my current projects (not just my shopping) but I have to take some photos to go with it.  I have made this my mission for this week. I mean when one has a good sew day, one is obligated to share!

Now I better get home and see if any more packages arrived while I was gone :-)

E xx