Monday, 24 December 2012

I got my sew-jo back

So I know I have been a tad absent, and its not because I don't love you all, it's because I've been missing my mojo. I have not picked up a thread or sat at my machine in weeks and this has unfortunately left me with nothing to show for myself. I have no finishes. No WIPs, no progress of any kind to show.

But that all changed today.

Now, I have to confess that not only had I lost my sewing mojo, I had also lost my Christmas spirit. We have no tree. No lights. No calendar. No carols on the stereo. For the first time in my life, my house is Christmas free. All my Christmas paraphernalia is still inside our roof!

I got myself up this morning and took myself shopping. I bought alllllll the presents for every single person I needed to buy for (yes my lack of spirit extends so far that I hadn't bought presents) including my usual splurge on S-a-n-t-a presents. And when I got home I realised that our stockings are still in the roof! Well rather than the simple alternative of getting them down, I decided I would buy more fabric and make some new Santa sacks!

I know everyone does stockings, but I have always found that to be an awkward shape when it comes time for stuffing. So we have always used pillow cases and called them Santa sacks. Now, I can make that! It's two rectangles sewn together on three sides... Easy!

I could have been super easy on myself and used panels. I could have been easy on myself and done some appliqué with fabric paint (an old school tradition in my family for making Christmas items). But I decided I would do some patchwork. And I'd try QAYG. And I'd do it with improv piecing. And it's awesome!

I've only made one front so far, and I'm cheating and using a plain back, but I love it. It's so much more my husband then anything I've ever bought for him. It makes me so very very happy. And it makes me feel like I've got my sew-jo back! :-)

Merry Christmas!
E xx

Friday, 7 December 2012

Mission - De-clutter

DISCLAIMER - This is un-quilt related. This is home related, but will make my space more inviting for quilting.  Just though you should know that there are no sewing surprises happening in this post. E

As a hope for the new year I am going to schedule myself in for some serious de-cluttering.  I want to have a home that is inviting and welcoming and all mine again instead of a junk yard.

I'll try and take before and afters so you can see how I'm going.

So let us proceed with

Mission De-Clutter

  • 1 - Master Bedroom & Closets
  • 2 - Lounge
  • 3 - Office (wholey moley this will be a serious mission in and of itself)
  • 4 - Kitchen & Pantry
  • 5 - Laundry
  • 6 - Bar
  • 7 - Man Land
  • 8 - Under Stairs
  • 9 - Hallway cupboard
  • 10 - Adrian's room
  • 11 - Downstairs room 2
  • 12 - Garden (yes the garden is in there, because I want to pull weeds and sort out all the detritus that accumulates in our yard... You'll see the photos)
Now the question is: Do I need a week or a month to tackle these problem areas? Or should I not put a time frame on it and just work through systematically so when I'm finished with 1, I go to 2 straightaway?

And I have Man Land in as number 7 - but Ashley just offered to turn this into my sewing space, so it may have to get prioritised up the list :-)

Oh, and so you don't think I'm completely crazy, I was going to wait until the New Year actually started, and have this as a mission for 2013, but I had a plasterer in this week and had to move all my furniture out of my lounge and I figure, seeing as I have to move it all back, I might as well start this mission early.

Ok! Let's get cleaning!!!!!!


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

G'day g'day

Hi there! Welcome to the Lazy Quilter. I assume your here from the small blog meet up happening at  Lily's Quilts. I love this small blog hook up. Unfortunately I don't have a lot for you today. I was in hospital yesterday, so am on bed rest this weekend. It's really throwing a spanner in my quilting plans! I have, however purchases a little cross stitch, so am currently lying in my bed stitching away, and with a little patience I may finish my first cross stitch, before the day is out! Check it out! (excuse the dodgy iPad photo)

**I don't know why or how, but this has jumped from 1 November to here in December!!! If anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know, so I can move it back!!!**

Time away = catch up

Oh my goodness, I had no computer for a week, and then was hectically busy for a couple of days and by the time I got back to my page I had several thousand posts to catch up on. I have spent the last two days attempting to catch up on all the quilty goodness I missed.

I admit I also discovered Pintrest, which is my new addiction.  I spent hours trolling through all the quilt/craft goodness. And the home decor!! Oh, I am in love!  If you want to fins me, I think I managed to added the pinny thing to my sidebar or hunt for QuinnyQuilts (that's me!)

So what with one thing and another I have not blogged, but worse... I have not sewed. That's right, not a patch in sight.  I have made a coupe of differnt attempts at doing some quilting, but I'm just not feeling it.

I betta get a move on though, because I have Christmas presents to make.  And me being the slightly crazy person that I am decided that I would make TWO single bed quilts and a QUEEN SIZE quilt...  and I haven't actually started any of these.  Three weeks is heaps of time, right????


And I hope you are all checking out the Small Blog Meet!! It is for all of us out here in blog land with fewer than 50 followers. If you haven't been there yet, you should. It's what this blogging community thing is all about!
Lily's Quilts

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

What work did I do? The Wednesday WIP

What have I been doing all week??? I feel like I've been sewing away, but have nothing to show for it.

I'm part-way through quilting my pink minkee.

I'm part way through 2 cross stitches.

 I bought some pink fabric to add borders to Mia's quilt.

I appropriated some of that pink fabric to make donkeys, that now have eyes and have been stuffed, but I'm puzzling how to add the ears without them looking odd.

I have also been thinking... This is always dangerous. And expensive.

I'd like to do some Christmas gifts. My two little nieces are hopefully coming to visit at Christmas and I'd really like to make something for them both.  Now obviously I'm thinking quilts, but I was thinking, what do little girls really like? Something fun! Something they don't already have. Something they can do, not just have. I love to buy kids books, but that's not fun (for them, for me it's a joy forever). And then it occurred to me, that one of my favourite things to do as a little person was dress up. So maybe I could make fairy costumes for the girls!! Think bright, sparkly, floaty skirts and wings with lots and lots of glitter. I can do that! And the girls are 5 and 7 - they'll still be into dress ups, right?

What else is WIP-y???

Well I still have my owl quilt sitting on a chair waiting for me to baste.

I also have Lashings of Positivity waiting for basting - I have a backing fabric, but now that it's not for Nadia, I don't know if it's the right choice.

I have a pink monstrosity that has a few lines of quilting and then it was abandoned. Even looking at it makes it feel like a chore and I want this sewing malarky to be fun!  I will finish minky, Mia and then hit this I think. I really don't want to, but it WILL be done!

Ok. So has anyone else got any interesting WIPs?

You should post them and link to Freshly Pieced... 

Talk to you all again soon!!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Half done donkeys

I don't know if you heard about Donktober which happened over at Missy Mac Creations. It was a ri-donk-ulous month of donkey inspired projects. Very cool to watch. I bookmarked some things and thought, maybe one day. But because I'm less crafty and more quilty, and i'm not a huge fan of gimick fabrics, chances were slim i'd ever get my ass in gear to make any of them. I mean what am I going to do with a giant donkey quilt... Don't answer that. Who wouldn't want a donkey quilt.

The thing I like'd the most was a cute pattern for a donkey toy. Well when Erin put out a challenge to make a toy to donate to Project Mirabel, I thought I might attempt the donkey.

I had bought some lovely hot pink fabric for another project, and so I just stole some of that, because what could be cuter than a hot pink donkey!! And then I noticed some scraps of pink minkee form another project I'm three quarters through, and was inspired. What kid doesn't love the softness of toys? It's that snuggly-ness that we fall in love with. So my donkey got given fluffy ears and soft bottoms. 

I spent last night chopping and sewing, and while they're not finished (I figured, why not just make two!) I think I really like my little donkeys.

I tried really hard to get them all finished before midnight so I could get in on the Donktober links party, but my tummy was so tired after working this week that I had to keep lying down. Oh well. I'm sure Erin knows I tried and will just be happy to see more donkey love in the world.


Thursday, 15 November 2012

My first ever followers!!!!


I have my first ever followers!! I am so very very excited (in case you can't tell)
Miss Chrissie and Miss Sarah you have just made my day.

I have to admit I've been feeling a little lonely over here.  I didn't blog to have followers, but it sure is nice to know that poeple are interested.  And yesterday I worked out how to add the following thingimy on the sidebar and look!! We have people!

If you want to know all about these lovely ladies you should also check out their blogs (bet you two didn't think you were going to get a free plug just for being my friend. lol)

Chrissie blogs over at Made by Chrissie D. Chrissie is an Englishman in New York... Well an English lady in New Jersey But that's practically the same, right?!?! She has a fancy pants degree in Art & Design and you can see this in the colours and textures she is drawn to in her quilts. She posts lots of inspiration photos, which I love!

And Miss Sarah! Sarah has two blogs. The first is where I found her and fell a little in love.  She is studying for a certificate in patchwork and quilting (who knew there was such a thing!) and shows all her class projects and samples and inspirations. You should go there - Sarah Sews is where it's at. And as you go throguh and see all the projects that she makes you'll notice how many are super cute and perfect for little people... That leads us to her new blog Quilt Candy.  this blog is all about the things she makes for little people and is connected to her fabulous shop Quilt Candy. Unfortunately I'm in Australia so it makes it less efficient to order from her, but I wish I could because everything is GORGEOUS! I mean it. Look -

Sarah Sews

So in case you haven't realised, I'm very happy to no longer be all alone in the world. Welcome my lovely ladies and I hope I don't ramble so much you get too bored and leave me! lol


Saturday, 10 November 2012

Mia's quilt - quilt top complete

So I have been on a mission to get this quilt top done. I want this quilt finished!

So I pieced it all together over the last few weeks and finished adding the pink borders today. I have also pieced together the letters to make Mia's name to go on the bottom of the quilt. I don't know if I like it or not. I was going to try to do a no binding quilt. I have been reading the interwebs and finding out how to do it, so I want to give it a go! I just think maybe this quilt needs some bright pink on the edges to make it pop... Any thoughts?

Either way, it should be all done tonight/tomorrow.

Oh, I forgot to say, I'm linking up to Plum & June's Getting Acquainted Monday.  I love this little blog meet, and I admit to popping around to lots of the links listed and staring at all the work everyone is doing.  I'm not sure if this is a good thing to get me inspired, or a bad thing because everyone is doing amazing things while I plod away at my little quilts.  Also it takes time when I should be sewing and instead am readuing through everyone's back catalogue of projects. Oh well! I now know pretty much the life story of all the bloggers I follow!

Enjoy your day!

E xx

Update: here is a photo of the quilt top all laid out so you can see what I mean.  E
Sorry about the wrinkles, the border material creases like a mother... It creases very badly. It has made sewing something of a chore. Remind me not to do this again.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Saturday, Sunday and now Monday

I am a tad bored. I have been lying around for three days now, and while notmally that is how I describe heaven, this time it's just boring. Part of the problem is I am all inspired to work on my projects, but I can't sit at my machine because of the stitches in my belly, so I am just staring at all my fabric and unable to do anything.

I have mia's quilt sitting IN the machine, I am that ready to sew it, but I tried briefly yesterday and lasted about 30 seconds. The angle I have sit and then the pressure to use the peddle... Who would have thought you used your abs so much in everyday life?

So Mia's quilt is just watching me, waiting for me. And Jacob is being born today and I haven't finished his quilt yet either! I didn't finish it because his name hadn't been definately decided, and I don't want to sew a name on that's not actually his name, but I still wish I could have had it ready for today.

I have my Dr Seuss fabric tucked away in the corner, which I am itching to get to, I think it's going to be so lovely I just want it made. And I picked up some more Dr Seuss the other day... It's Grinch fabric!!! How could I resisit?? I can have a Christmas quilt with a kiddy theme. It practically has my name written on it!

And then I have a little Christmas project. I want to make some summer weight lap quilts with my gorgeous Christmas panels.

See I have ideas!! I am inspired. I have time!! I.m just sitting around the house. But alas, no sewing for me. Not even any cutting, becaus a rotary cutter uses your abs too. Grumble grumble grumble.

So it's keeping on with the cross stich. It's kept me mostly occupied, but I can tell I'm about to loose patience with it. I mean, sure I guess it's pretty, but what on earth am I going to do with it???

Wanna see what I did yesterday?

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Cross stitch goodness

So, as expected I spent all day yesterday lying about. I made it all the way from the bed to the couch and then back to bed at 9pm. I feel pretty proud of myself that at 3 o'clock I actually managed to get dressed, walk downstairs and talk to the neighbours for all of 15 minutes. I only lasted 15 before I had to come back to lie down again. My poor little tummy is just so tender and achy. Oh well. Did you want to see what I achieved yesterday??? No quilting because I couldn't sit at my machine and didn't get anything up to hand stitching stages, but I started and finished this this bit of sewing goodness.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Monthly wrap up - 1

Well today is the 1st of November, and that means I want to try to figure out a)what I achieved and b) what I need to get done.

October felt very sew heavy, but I don't feel that I accomplished anything.  I think this is because I started so many things but haven't finished any of them.  I have fabric everywhere and it makes it difficult to work out where to start.

Looking back over my posts from the last month the only thing I had to show was Toby the Turtle
And while I think he's a spunky little critter, he's not actually a quilt.

My quilts, well I've cut fabric for a yellow and blue brick. It's quite a nice light spring feeling little thing, too bad it's now summer, but oh well.

I have Mia's quilt top almost completed, just sewing on the borders.  It's almost finished. I am going to try to applique a patchwork of her name on the bottom, so fingers crossed it works.  I will try to get this finished tonight.

I don't really know what else I've done!! i bought a lot of fabric this month. My stash has tripled in size.  This is both good and bad.  I love all my new fabrics, but I need to do somehting with them and they are taking up way too much communal space.  So I think part of my November challenge will be to organise and finish all my half done projects.  Wish me luck!

I want Mia's quilt top done tonight.

I want the spring bricks done over the weekend.

I want to try no binding for my pink minky.

I want to start my Christmas lap quilts.

Ok. That's my November list.  It's do-able. Starting...... Now.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Toby the Turtle

I have been working on making myself a little friend. 

He is all made out of scraps (I made myself two lovely (well, unfinished, so hopefully lovely) skirts out of this material).  This is my first ever use of ric rac and my first ever applique.  It's not real applique, jut his little toes and adding his shell.  But my bad stitching is hidden by the ric rac and I think the toes are a bit cute!!

I still have to attach the ric rac but I'm think i might hot glue gun it just to keep it super simple and then there will be just a happy little turtle sitting on my shelf :-)

Hi Toby!!

Linking up to WIP Wednesday

Monday, 22 October 2012

Hi there!

I have just linked myself up to Plum and June's getting to know you, linky party!

Still trying to make this picture automatically link to things... It's a learning curve.

So hopefully you are all visiting and wanting to know a little bit about me!

i should have made my blog all pretty before linking up, but I hope you'll forgive the randomness and clutter as I try to work out this whole "blog" business.

Anyway..... My name's Erin and I have been quilting since January.  I am definitely still a learner and have spent hours and hours trawling the interwebs lately learning all kinds of new and exciting and slightly daunting and scary things.  I am excited to try some new things and am hoping to stretch myself a little.

I decided to blog, because I was getting so much joy from other peoples blogs that I wanted in on the fun! And also because I am the only person I know who quilts so it's nice to have a place to have a think fest about what's going on in my head.

I don't know about you, but since I started quilting it has taken over my head.  Everywhere I go now I see patterns and colours and spend my time staring at things, thinking about how to replicate that in fabric... And I can't go into Spotlight without spending  at least $100 on more fabric.  For someone who didn't even own a machine 12 months ago, I sure do have a lot of fabric!!

Anyway, I received advice that I have to learn not to ramble on these blog posts, so I'll be off, and I hope you are enjoying your meander through P&J's Getting Acquainted Link Up.

This weekends sewing goodness

Felt so productive this weekend. I actually got some sewing done! Makes me feel so happy.

I have to have an operation next week and the spend a week on bed rest, so I want some quilts to be up to the hand stitching stage before next Friday. This week is mission quilt. I want all the basting AND quilting done on 2 quilts by the end of next weekend so the week after I can lie in bed with the tv on hand bind.

If that doesn't happen in time though I did sneak off to Spotlight and but some little embroidery kits.

I know I've bitten off more than I can chew with the big one, so I went back and bought some simple cross stitches. With a little luck this will help my hand sewing become more proficient and discrete on quilts and clothes and neater and more lovely so I can do this fancy embroidery business on proper projects that I'd be willing to use or gift, not crap that will have to live in a plastic bag for the next ten years.

Anyway here's my hand stitching bag

And here's my achievement for the weekend.

I have got all the strips sewn together for Mia's quilt and now I just have to sew in the big double squares (which is freaking me out, because it involves maths) and it'll be ready to join together and good to quilt. I even have backing for it! I bought this cute flannel sheet set at spotlight for $25 (bargain!) and I'm going to use the flat sheet as backing and then give the lot as a matching set. With luck I might even do an appliqué or something on the pillow case. Or maybe pull the case into 2 and make two tops for it. I've run out of charm squares though... Hmm will have to think about that.

Hope your weekend was equally fullfilling!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Friday, Friday

So I promised I would sew last night, and did I? No.

But I did go shopping and buy more fabric!! Yay!! No really, I put myself on a ban but a friend asked me to go with her to Spotlight, and once I was there it was impossible to resist! So it's completely not my fault.

I've taken fabulous photos of what I bought, but can't upload them to the computer at the moment so you'll have to wait with patience for that. In a nutshell I have been re-inspired for my sisters quilt. That's right, I'm giving up on Lashings of Positivity (or perhaps giving up on it being for N is a better way to say it because I still plan on quilting it and finishing it up, it's just not right for her).

Today I have had to stay home from work because we have some lovely young men installing solar panels on our roof. Also breaking our roof. One of the guys slipped and put his foot through my ceiling. Don't believe me??? Check it out!

But the point is I have been home all day, very unexpectedly, so I have, not sewn (they're working with electrics!) but cut. And planned. And I have two projects I am flitting between today. The first is Mia's quilt, which I posted about the other day. I have been adding to the layout, I want to get it up to single bed size. I think I need more squares...

And I have started cutting out little blue bricks. I quite like this and if it ends up the way I think it will I know a good home for it to go to. I know several! But I have one in mind. It's the little butterflies that I love most.

Anyway, must get back to it! With a little luck these men will be off soon and I can turn on my machine.

E xx

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Too many blogs

I have spent so much time reading blogs, I have not done any sewing!!! I'm am so busy being inspired and trawling through everyones past blog life, that I have no time to make anything of my own.  I'm a little disapointed in myself.

It doesn't help that work at the moment is crazy busy and I've been getting home at 8pm, but I could craft if I wanted to! Well must make this my mission for the next week.

I have lots of ideas that are blossoming away in my head, but I'll just leave it for mow and hopefully get my sew on tonight and show you all kinds of wonderful tomorrow!

Mia's Quilt

So I posted about my WIP's last Wednesday, and I put somethings on there that I haven't really discussed before, so do you want to see what's swimming in my head????

Of course you do!!

Well, when my little next door neighbour was approaching her first birthday I decided I would make her a quilt.  As she is now coming up to her second birthday, I really have to get a wiggle on!  I was inspired by the colours her mum had chosen for her room - so muted and lovely and I wished I could have my room decorated like this!  I borrowed a little doll she had and went on the hunt for coordinating fabrics.

I have the most beautiful bundle of fabric! I really just wanted to keep it for myself.  I can picture a lovely scrappy blanket for my study (which is my little feminine corner of the house).  But I was determined not to be selfish and to persevere and give this away.  But I cannot come up with another pattern.  All I can picture is traditional patchwork. Lots of little squares.  I'd love it! But it's not the right fit for this family.  It needs to be a lot cleaner for this family.  Does anyone have any ideas???
 If not, that's fine, because I think I am abandoning this quilt as being for Mia and just accepting that it belongs with me.  I think I have to make Mia something else.  i may already have an idea brewing for her.
You see, I picked up these cute little charm packs at Spotlight a few weeks ago.  They're so bright and lively and to me they are screaming little girl happiness.

I am wanting to combine two standard square charm packs to give the quilt size, but I thought I might add in some random blocks made out of hexagons and triangles (because I may or may not have bought packs of those too.)
First draft of Mia's New Quilt (excuse the bad camera photo)

But I was playing with these colours again, and now I'm not sure... I go from loving it to hating it.  Oh what to do!!!!

Ooh! Ooh! Does this count towards Think Tank Thursday????? I hope so!! :-)

Friday, 12 October 2012

How to have an awesome day

... Arrive at work to a delivery of fabric.

I have been stalking some blogs over the past few weeks and ended up going on a tangent to some lovely fabric shops, as recommended. And looked what I got! All the pretties....

Nicest way to start a week.

And they're all done up so nicely too!  Pretty ribbons everywhere...

And then I noticed that in my package from Fluffy Sheep Quilting, Cindy had sent me a lovely little note.

Thanks, Cindy.  I think they're beautiful too! And thank you for the exceptionally prompt and efficient service.  This came all the way from Ireland in just a few days.  I had thought it was going to take ages!!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

WIP it. Wip it good

My first ever Work In Progress Wednesday.  I am a bit excited!!

(Hopefully this will link to freshly pieced)

In progress
Hexagon's and Charm squares

Red & Black log cabins (haven't touched in about two months! Oops!)

Jacob's Quilt/Bluey (Spoke to the Mummy getting this quilt and she thinks adding the name is a great idea, so this is my next priority)

Completed tops awaiting quilting:
Noah's Ark (Am partially through this. Two more clouds to handquilt and then ready to bind! Yippee!!)

Owls  (This is ready to go.  I just don't know what to do with it.  Probably just in the ditch as it's quite busy)

Lashings of Positivity (Backing is purchased now to baste and quilt. I have visions of FMQ all over this, but I'm a bit scared...)

Pink squares (I hate quilting this. It constantly pulls my thread and is a nightmare.)

Pink Minkee (Need to decide whether to add wadding or not???)

Awaiting binding:
Panels for Mia & Finn (Half way through Mia's. Not started Finn's.)

To start:
Mia's Quilt

Dr Suess x 2

Yellow & maroon

Yellow & Gray circles
Green table runner

Ideas in my head that I haven't even got fabric for yet:
Jess's Canada Quilt