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Round Robin 2 - Starter

Well, we have officially start Round 2 of our Round Robin by passing our starter onto someone else.  We've each spent at least a month now stressing ourselves out about what to make and turning ourselves inside out over it.  I know I had at least 4 different plans and almost made several of them, but hopefully I'll make them myself in the future - or save them for round 3 :-D  But now they are off and ready to be turned into something magical! I can't wait!!!

In the end, my starter is not the most exciting thing ever (I'm giving warning right up front).  But it does have some of my favourite things in it:
Purple *yummy, rich purplesLow volume a Dresden platehand stitching Now I don't expect any of my fellow robin mates to add any hand stitching (unless they desperately want to of course) but it's part of what I hope to do at the end when I get it back.  So I'm happy for there to be space for hand embellishment.

It's quite neutral in some ways, and I plan…

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