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River City Round Robin 7 - Return of my quilt

Ok, so I've been happily telling you all about Round 2, but I realised, I never told you about my own quilt for Round 1 of the River City Round Robin.

Just as a refresher, I sent out three little butterflies.

And then I watched as each one of my friends had the exact same trouble with mine that I had with each of theirs.  We really managed to push each other out of our comfy places.

Laura went first, and decided to do something she'd never tried up until this pint - foundation paper piecing. And look what she made!!!!! How absolutely cute is this little hummingbird!!! It's adorable!! And so detailed! Each feather on the wing is a different shade of white.

Next up, Sandra made me some words, which we agreed had meaning for me. And I love the way she has mixed the colours throughout the letters.  It's really different to the words that were done for other quilts, and I really feel like this is just perfect for me and for this quilt.

Vic then made these awesome modern sty…

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